Your stay at Hotel Yeste also offers you a comfortable and pleasant facilities and a professional team for your complete satisfaction , an interesting and varied selection of food .

The Chef recommends :
Shoulder of kid .
Iberian cheek with fried cheese.
T-bone steak accompanied by grilled red peppers .
Typical local dishes : migas, rags , gazpacho …
Bochero soup ( scrambled egg, ham and dried pepper ) .

Other suggestions from Hotel Yeste :
Provolone cheese grilled .
Pot village.
Rice with snails .
Deer in sauce.
Iberic secret.
Atascaburras ( potato based , cod , olive oil ) .

Our desserts :
Three chocolate cake .
Fried milk .
Custard and pudding.
Pan de Calatrava.
Sweet loaves ( seasonal) .
Wafers made with honey .
Traditional donuts.

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